Aura of Heavenly Fragrances Gift Set



If there’s someone on your list who loves the Middle Eastern scent, then this is a must-have gift set for them. Gift them this beautiful trio of oriental and delicate fragrances to make their day expand their happiness.

WB by Hemani’s fragrance gift set features a choice of scents – the most loved ones picked up from the fragrance aisle.
A smart value deal, the bottles and the packaging it comes in—are sleek and modern, and the fragrances smell heavenly with long-lasting power.

This sleek gift set offers:
• Hemani Fleur’s Oudh Al Camellia Perfume
• Perfumed Fragrance Cream (assorted – Rose, Oudh, Amber, Bakhour, Musk, Mukhallat, Laylatul Aroos)
• Oriental Bakhour (assorted – Amiraty, Maliket Al Sharek, Sultan Al Mashrek, Abak Al Layl, Sabouha, Oudh Fawwah, Oudh Al Aseela, Badroul Badour, Day & Night, Habibati Fatima)
• Attar (sample – assorted)


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